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rolex watches prices in dubai

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A330guy 8th Aug 2007, 16:46 a mate has asked me buy him a "rolex", "breightling" or "tag" - says a mate of his got a really good quality one in dubai (he doesn't know where though) anyone know where to look and what prices are like? busdriver22 8th Aug 2007, 16:53 You can check out the breitling store at mall of the emirates, they will give you a good discount if your a EK pilot. JonBoy80 8th Aug 2007, 17:45 I suggest you think twice when buying a watch or any brand name product in Dubai. Karama and these large resellers have a good bond together.... Oblaaspop 8th Aug 2007, 19:14 Utter crap!!!! The shops in MOE are authorised dealers and the watches come with world wide manufactures waranties. Besides anyone with a modicum of brain power would realise the difference between a real and a fake!;) airbus757 8th Aug 2007, 21:27 Agreed. And I don't think the prices are any better than anywhere else. Unless of course you want a fake which in my opinion suck. Better off getting a citizen. 7 thefoxandfirkin 8th Aug 2007, 21:53 As a self confessed watchaholic I have bought several in Dubai over the last 3-4 years and all genuine. Yeah we all know about the Karama special price ones but forget them!! Loads of places sell all these models. One of my favourite places is the Jewellery quarter of City Centre Mall on the ground floor. Rivoli are always up for deals. Tag have their own dedicated shop in the Burjaman, Bur Dubai if you specifically want one of those and stock every model made. To be honest even Dubai Duty Free at the airport do some good ones at ok prices. If you want a decent model for not too much dosh get a Tissot T Touch, superb build and technology. Be aware though Dubai isnt as cheap as you think!! That's me of to the Geek Club :8 A330guy 9th Aug 2007, 01:36 Thanks for the replies. He DOES want a fake! I wouldn't know where to start looking or what to pay. For sure I'm going to get ripped off! But, I owe him a favour and no-one (who hasn't been here before) believes that you can get good, if not better and cheaper anywhere else except here. What to do? Fay Jinah 9th Aug 2007, 06:20 Well well, it beckons one to think why people don't see us pilots as glamourous gentlemen any longer..... Fake watches? JayK 9th Aug 2007, 07:15 Can't help you with the fakes, but Wafi has a store that sells mainly Tags and they have a lot of the models. Although, since you've stated you're looking for fakes, you should probably know the prices for originals start at 6-7K at the least. AutoAbort 9th Aug 2007, 07:31 If you want a crap fake, MAX 150 Dhs. StressFree 9th Aug 2007, 07:37 Very easy to get a fake Rolex in Dubai. Just take a taxi to the Gold Souk and start walking, within 10 paces you'll have people offering you all sorts of watches in back streets. I bought a Rolex there 3 years ago and its been in daily use keeping perfect time ever since. Paid 200 dhs for it. :ok: Ghostflyer 9th Aug 2007, 19:21 Saddos! Why not buy a real cheapo Breitling from duty free, flog it in Europe for cash, then buy a fake Rolex and you'll even have cash to spare. You'll have a great fake watch but folks will still think you're a saddo! :zzz: Thridle Op Des 10th Aug 2007, 10:44 I priced a real Breitling for a friend in Dubai at the MOE and it was 25% cheaper than Goldsmiths in the UK. DXB is no longer the center of the universe in low prices, that honour still belongs to HKG IMHO, but I was quite impressed with the watches here. pilotguy1222 6th Aug 2008, 21:06 HKG has the best fakes I have ever found. I have seen a few that were so good you would have to take the back off to know which was which. tinpis 6th Aug 2008, 21:28 Thailand has fake wimmen. You need to get their drawers off to know which was which :* Sailor Vee 6th Aug 2008, 21:30 Why bother with fake watches? If the winder falls off you'll still have a sore wrist! It's like trying to buy a fake car..........:uhoh: con-pilot 6th Aug 2008, 21:58 Like a Rolex a guy tried to sell me once in HKG, "Rolex outside, Seiko inside, make good deal." If I had been positive that it really was Seiko works on the inside I would have bought it. :p James 1077 6th Aug 2008, 22:34 Best place for fake watches in Dubai is the Gold Souk (just ask down any alley) or Karama. And pay about half the price they first say or you are being ripped off. BlueDiamond 6th Aug 2008, 23:53 Well well, it beckons one to think why people don't see us pilots as glamourous gentlemen any longer.....Maybe because so many of you are women??? :rolleyes: con-pilot 7th Aug 2008, 01:18 Maybe because so many of you are women??? WOT?????? Female pilots? You must be having us on then. ;) (Proud to say I was the first Chief Pilot in my city that hired the very first full time female corporate pilot in the city's history. And the history of Oklahoma City corporation flight departments go back to the 1930s.) Momo 7th Aug 2008, 07:08 Perhaps strangely, Geneva seems to be among the cheapest for real high-end Swiss watches. I suppose it is the 7.6% VAT, which you can escape at the airport. Very little opportunity to negotiate, though I have heard that some have been successful. Fakes are no longer allowed past customs in Switzerland, though you can't get fined. Groundgripper 7th Aug 2008, 10:35 I remember strolling down Itaewon in Seoul many years ago with a couple of mates, one of whom wanted a watch. We went into one shop where the salesman (for want of a better word) was keen to emphasise that "all the watches had real Seiko movements". Mate: "so what's this one then?" Salesman: "it's a Rolex" Mate: "and this one?" Salesman: "it's a Dunhill" Mate:" and this?" Salesman: "It's a Seiko" Mate: "so it's a fake Seiko with a real Seiko movement?" Salesman: "yes!" Mate: "time to move on, gentlemen" HuntandFish 7th Aug 2008, 10:35 I am currently wearing a fake Rolex because my genuine Brietling is in for repair . Browse the Internet and you will discover that there are up to 5 grades of Rolex fakes ranging from very cheap Asian through Japanese (citizen) to high end copies with genuine swiss movements . Mine has a japanese movements which beats a little slower than a Swiss movement . The best fakes are difficult even for a jeweller to identify .So lots of potential to get ripped off . Fareastdriver 8th Aug 2008, 01:52 Years ago I read an article in an American motor magazine comparing buying a Rolls Royce versus a Plymouth. The Roller cost ten time as much but both cars had a similar level of comfort and performance. You could trade up for a new Plymouth every year for less than it costed to service the Rolls Royce. Here in China a cheap pulse Rolex is US$15 upwards, a cheap ticker $30 upwards, both prices depending on quality. The battery ones pack up after three months and cannot tolerate a battery change. The tickers tell you after a year or so when the flywheel bearing wears out. Thats when you buy another one. Matt35 8th Aug 2008, 10:42 I once bought a couple of Gucci watches for my son in Bangkok. Asked - Are they guaranteed? Yes Sir... How long is the guarantee? What time is your flight? They worked for years...two for $20... Matt. HuntandFish 8th Aug 2008, 13:11 Cost of repair to Brietling c