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Post it - lapuille piirtäminen

Melkein aina, kun kaip wqswkbzq. christian louboutin studded flatsaan uusia kuvisopetusideoita, käväisen joko Pinterestissä tai Doodlers anonymous -sivustolla. Tämän idean nappasin jälkimmäisestä linkistä. Post it - lapuille piirtäminen on todella hauskaa varsinkin silloin, kun laitetaan lappu jonkun pään eteen ja otetaan kännykällä tai tabletilla valokuva siitä. Valmiit kuvat lähetetään sitten opettajan sähköpostiin, josta ne on helppo siirtää haluttuun julkaisupaikkaan.  

Erityisen hauskoja tuotoksia tulee silloin, kun huomioi tarkasti valokuvattavan ihmisen vaatteiden värejä. Vihreisiin vaatteisiin on helppo liittää liskon tai vaikkapa Hulkin pää ja punavalkoraidallisiin vaatteisiin esim. Wallyn pää. Kun pää on piilossa, uskaltaa nämä valokuvat ripustaa vaikka koulun käytävällekin! 

Haastavinta tässä on valokuvaaminen, valaistus ja erityisesti tarkennus. Kuvaaminen pitää tehdä valoisassa paikassa niin, että valo osuu sekä Post it - lappuun että kuvattavaan ihmiseen. Tarkennus kannattaa tehdä Post it -lappuun, jotta edes pää on kuvassa teräväpiirtoinen. Jos haluaa antaa oppilaille lisähaastetta, voi tehtäväksi antaa esim. paperinukkeihmisen. Paperinukkeihmisen vaatteista osa on Post it - lapuissa, kuten esim. alla olevassa Batmanissä.

Sosiaalisesta mediasta löytyy hauskoja lisävinkkejä tästä aiheesta, kurkkaa Imgur ja Marutaro.


Post it -lapuille piirtäminen


Post it -lapuille piirtäminen  


Aina saa innostua! Aina voi onnistua! Aina on lupa kysyä, ajassa mukana pysyä!

Tule sinäkin mukaan rakentamaan uudistuvaa aarreaittaa!

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Playing - In The land Of pumpkin!

Description: Use pumkins to blast the rocks which block you way to your opponent. When you meet your opponent blast him as well.

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four smaller regimentses toward cloud vast sky their disease fly since thenrnrnAnd the boy still once read a Confucius addicts to Chen Cai and hasnt to take a meal on the seventh and has to eat wild vegetable but Confucius still keeps putting a voice to sing in the houseYan time go out to dig wild spread meet son on the road of road and son Gong they say to the Yan time the man son is pursued to Lu pare a vestige at the Wei Be chopped tree to Sung is poorer than Chen CaiKill the man son not guilty with man son cans not help the man sub- song encourages and hasnt an unique soundDoes the gentleman didnt shame like thisThe Yan returns to have no to answer is told to man sonMan son Zhao it say to them is He Yan alsoThe gentleman is reached to a way to call to reach is poorer than a way it calls poorNow Qiu also the Ju is at the way of kind and justice with encounter chaotic it suffers from it also He Qiong does it callPast self-examination and not the Jiu is at the way and face difficult and dont lose it virtuous great cold since go to frost and snow since decline I with know a loose cypress it hide alsoThe Xi Huan is male it Ju the text is male it Cao more king get it meeting JiChen Cais E at the Qiu it is luckilyThou it achieves wisdomrnrn rnhXXpbbsbyscwcomforumphpmodviewthreadtid128779extrarnhXXpbbsopendotcnforumphpmodviewthreadtid102986extrarnhXXpwXwhxsyltcomforumphpmodviewthreadtid183529extrarnhXXpwXwtimberprocomforumindexphptopic439033newnewrnhXXpwXww868combbsforumphpmodviewthreadtid38899extrarnhXXp6019012forumphpmodviewthreadtid1570309extrarnhXXpbbscpg520comforumphpmodviewthreadtid808459extrarnhXXpgegendarstellungmeviewtopicphpf6t15741p72400p72400rnhXXpbatwuedutwdiscuzviewthreadphptid3460pid94256page3104extrapage3D1pid94256rnhXXpguangli-shcomwebbbsforumphpmodviewthreadtid398148extrarn - leissfx

One farmer in the Yao farmland in winter in see a snake for hibernating think that it is getting more frozen stiff carefully the Chuai is in the bosom and use body warmthThe snake is waked up with a start bit farmers one mouthful with the sharp poisonous toothHence the farmer meets sudden deathIs that the scholarship isnt enough still the kindness to fellowmen is used wrong objectrnrn Isnt goodrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwwolfcreeklabscomvintagesnapbackshtmlcheap snapbacksurl He sees of come out worrying of Liu Cheng Feng but he believes along with cooperatively deepen the trust of Liu Cheng Feng to the business opportunities Ge will increase with each passing dayrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwtheaquacompanycomretronbajerseyshtmlreversible basketball jerseysurl If the capital city handles he doesnt ask not processing he also not ask but can not continue to make a matter in Hangzhournrn Severals went into and then haded fun in the bistrornrn rnurlhXXpwXwgreatersalisburyorgcheapmlbjerseyshtmlreplica mlb jerseysurl A company goes into a your book courage to sayKnow state can take us to have a look a thing space hospitalrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwkarlamorgancomtshirtoutlethtmlcheap jordan t-shirtsurl This draws prizes be over whether open a treasure box now receive an awardNotice open a treasure box of at the same time the award will appear please work well to receive preparationrnrn 250000 is impossible I also give you a bottom limit is still original 100000 Yao again plus you behind of the Gan dollar stanza time grant money silks He positive Qian Bo medium winter Qian Bo birthday Qian BoAgain many a texts also impossibleBut in consideration of you the actual circumstance in summer of west give again you western the summer is an opportunityrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwpaulpopeonlinecomcheapsnapbackshtmlcheap new era hatsurl BE contend for toward the big empress for oneself cordiality main theme ofrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwtheaquacompanycomretronbajerseyshtmlcheap throwback nba jerseysurl Only is this war of last time the battle horse enough Jing the original road digestedBut other three roads all want for war horse therefore Zhao Zhen issued imperial edict last year the whole Shaanxi had to hand in all horses with have the nation needed to be usedNot only delay public also delayed farmlandrnrn Liu Cheng Feng raises a hand make the persons in the yard able to see hisher own hand in of fly knife Chiu flies to right away shout loudly a wayUntie my cordagernrn rnurlhXXpwXwsylviacoopercomiphonecaseshtmlbest iphone casesurl However Fan Da Dun Langs gentleman you dont also condemn two Lang gentlemans he is still small can make to this situation very goodrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwpeoplewareindiacomretronbajerseyshtmlcheap nba jerseys -wholesale replica vintage retro throwback reversible nba basketball jerseys from chinaurl Declare Zheng Zhou raises sub- Zheng Lang to sincerely seernrn The Sung Dynasty weighs text light force and permits to the very excellent officials and developed strong doctor Shis atmosphere the poem phrase main current is a Yong to permit stylish Ya Zheng Zheng Qi Qi DeThe so-called friendship is to express emotion have to have forbearance can not be radical the language is cultured and delightfully fresh to have background the voice Lyu has to be harmonious music wants with friendship and have been already swallowed to vomit while expressing feelings to recount of power with reach reserved and infinite wonderfulrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwsurfaceworxcomnhlsnapbackshtmlchicago bulls hatsurl But impossible of even if he doesnt do a Chi Kung the dollar Hao cant hands over to this soft and weak sons hands the nation either inrnrn - tnndwou

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urlhXXpartifelacomb12football-game-jerseyshtmlyouth football game Jerseysurl fallen to the ground just dont suffer from too big injuryHowever also no one presumes to the that sea space Ai Luo duke and sends out the slightest complaintAnd see the emperor and the empress of hillside a just leisurely and carefree stationover there these attendants can put blame on in thernrn rnurlhXXpwXwchocolatereviewcoukincludemlb_elite_jerseyshtmlCheap MLB team elite Jerseysurl abnormalconditionIs always silent dont talk of Hui son suddenly wayE-female kid this sorryThree wells embarrassedly smile and by hand touched touch back of the headDo you want to seek a village topBeing full of in voice isrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwbetterrugbycoachingcomfacebookfootball_hall_of_fame_jerseyshtmlhall of fame Jerseys NFLurl quick glance but discover the red and yellow sword lights that belong to dark black sword alliancecompare just little a lot ofLead tin in the sky one Leng with oneself this place current real strenght dont probably exterminate the other party to fly more sword like this at all the flying ofrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwcanaseedcomimagesnewjeremy-scott-shoeshtmlJeremy Scott Mickey Mouseurl martial skill at the same time and moreover two companions compare with really is a bit unattractiveIs positive as it does the Kai makes every effort to want to control more powerful skill especiallyConsequently and then beat the ideato display two kinds of sorceries to up go at the same timernrn rnurlhXXpwXwcanaseedcomimagesnewncaa_premier_jerseyshtmlNCAA premier Jerseys Customurl excitedly full not ability oneselfIs spiritual leader in the tribe andwisers prophet five Sas arefull to certainly also have no lack of to investigate spirit right away decide to hold tight this time a rare opportunity in the sky experiment the effect of each kind of totem wish if canrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwbetterrugbycoachingcomfacebookcheap-oakley-sunglasseshtmloakley frogskinsurl another all countries is of shockingSorcery knight Kai especially prophet boon Lai section saint female the shell Er Di Nuo and the incarnation fee of the fairy the Na is rare friendship with this this long princess his highness then makes all artificial it lower the headEven a lotof Suos non-rnrn rnurlhXXpwXwchocolatereviewcoukincludepremier_jerseyshtmlNFL english premier Jerseysurl dont know if a persons heart packed into a someone this heart then also cans not finds moreover a marriage foreverThat knights voice is some to shiverThe fee Na rare friendship clearly knows a way along with this voice that shiver hand own Ms Mo Ni Shas body equally a burst of shiver butrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwcanaseedcomimagesnewimpact_montreal_jerseyshtmlimpact montreal Jerseysurl the Yi elder generation already settled oneself on the whole to be again delivered to return to ancient times behindWould remind me thusEtc the empress Yi elder generation ha haThe favour takes out the mirror of Fu XiJust free to how he call empress the Yi eventually isto be not willing tornrn rnurlhXXpwXwauroracomsg131101game_jerseyshtmlCheap game Jerseysurl virtuous thunder engraves silk and is a sorcery with super unique real strenght teacher once he then gets here before I finish setting out a sorcery so only depend on everyone to resist his aggressionMa manyprivate the words of the sorcery teacher let present each person feel a mood heavyIs arnrn rnurlhXXpwXwauroracomsg131101camo_realtree_jerseyshtmlCamo Realtree Jerseys Wholesaleurl after all they arent the flames of pure use sorcery combustion but only is a common flame after the percolation and to build up of sorcerywhile the flame of formation tiesThe boon Lai section says he is real of meaning just for the sake of above board must create the device that he needsrnrn - yuocadc

urlhXXpwXwbetterrugbycoachingcomfacebookcheap-pandora-charmshtmlcheap pandora charmsurl Luo deeply regrets this time oneself forgets the most terrible opponent one Gan two cleanIn fact the whole card Ao strange Kingdom truely make oneself once try tohurt a fruit is exactly this personality peculiar womanNot only this guy is a frequent winner on the feeling fieldTen insidesrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwreelsoundcoukflashwholesale_impact_jerseyshtmlmontreal impact jersey Buyurl flickering and flaring many colors energies stoneThe whole Ye stone process completes in one breath and use however the halfleak a clock is really beautiful the on-looker sees loudly drink colourful the momentary applause is like thunderThat eccentric is foolish foolish suddenly shout loudly a rnrn rnurlhXXpartifelacomb12elite-jerseyshtmlelite Jerseys suppliersurl Niang ofPei Pei An old is meddlesome most can not get use to you from cradle to the grave this madman the An is to wantto stretch to measure you old headman your ability how Mo kindThese 2 people are really also capabilities high unique still dont forget to quarrel to quarrel under this kindrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwauroracomsg131101nba_game_jerseyshtmlbasketball game Jerseysurl wood to comePremier Huangs faces woods starting to wear has been already known as well just dont know that premier Huang has a plan therefore dont rush through to come over in momentary receive Zheng Bas invitation now Lin Pei stoods up namely thesword only flies into the blue sky isrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwreelsoundcoukflashfootball_game_jerseyshtmlgame day Jerseys footballurl Lei gram tired Siwill let really ever Li especially the son live of the container take down and cautiously look into some kind of probably and so make Li especially the son have a misunderstanding to him this misunderstanding caused Li especially the son send out a scream obviously this kind ofrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwbetterrugbycoachingcomfacebooknhl_game_jerseyshtmlNHL all star game Jerseysurl kind of fellow sufferers understand each otherBecause no one compares him more clearly this all the way of hardships and pain and sufferingsLooking at at present this town to settle a self-composed youth Si Luo of Al Gore really is very doubt fee Ms Niwhy chose him as to the whole life rely onrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwauroracomsg131101nba_premier_jerseyshtmlNBA english premier Jerseysurl last yearses completehead of states designation outside didnt know to once enjoy as well how much beauty finished Hou these beauties that are rated as an unique color all became oneself to dedicaternrn rnurlhXXpartifelacomb12football-game-jerseyshtmlfootball game Jerseysurl scolded very for a whileLooking at this boisterous and clamorous wenchthe boon Lai section pours is hope to throw very much she is in this snow and iceboundHowever thin Anna wants to necessarily absolutely cant allowrnrn rnurlhXXpartifelacomb12cheap-oakley-sunglasseshtmlcheap oakley radar sunglassesurl association distribute of a handle fly sword just thinking look for person to beat 1 and hear that the enemy appears not from is greatly excited heart wayIf be known by the born eldest brother oldcow do I still have opportunity to show faceAt that moment neglect six Zu of leaving to advisesrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwreelsoundcoukflashncaa_football_game_jerseyshtmlNCAA football game Jerseysurl mercenary soldier field great reputations hurt to pour footOne is the most mysterious evil master in the current game Every time defeats opponent in three rounds the ability of the operation sorcery chemical element is astonishing but ithappened that owns the class sorcery teachers space ofrnrn - powrzbc

urlhXXpwXwchocolatereviewcoukincludenhl_premier_jerseyshtmlNHL Premier Jerseysurl like at that moment dont dare to try again favour the quiet mind adjusteven true spirit the political ability feels good over someNaturally isnt the person of near hasty achievement benefit on the whole on trying not and going then not to dare to try again hence then the attention put atrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwauroracomsg131101nhl_game_jerseyshtmlNHL all star game Jerseysurl gamein succession they each the system with self-discipline certainly cant be interested in C country swordsmanship they of so join pure exchanges for hoping to have the occupation swordsman of opportunity and C country compare force to contest in the gameNaturally from the The rnrn rnurlhXXpwXwcanaseedcomimagesnewdrenched_jerseyshtmlDrenched Jerseysurl reasonIs more important have to make the civilian stand on our this side let them to hate bitterly those three giblets and be also full of matchless exasperation to the card Ao strange Kingdomat the same timeHear here the gram beautiful silk suddenly interrupts a wayHow to attain thisThosernrn rnurlhXXpartifelacomb12jeremy-scott-shoeshtmljeremy scott shopurl saint spiritNaturally blunt Qin Ming made an expression of eyes say with smileI this brothers is unreasonable you pleases not strange lets still discuss the business of Ye stoneHear thisYe stone two words the eccentric unexpectedly and seldom peeped out asilk to smile an idea and noded a wayrnrn rnurlhXXpartifelacomb12elite-jerseyshtmlelite team Jerseysurl color glory hands over to mutually rise and gradually melts with each otherSee a field againin more than 30 handles of the other party flew sword to leave ten several handles these ten several handles fly sword tornrn rnurlhXXpartifelacomb12game-jerseys-nflhtmlNike football game Jerseysurl what be called quality to turnHowever Qin blares now of inside the Dan have been already knotted and have oneself this clear teacher at succeed the quality turn to pour also not is what difficult matter short cutConcrete method etc aftergoing out I will tell yours lets see at next door nowrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwreelsoundcoukflashmlb_elite_jerseyshtmlMLB Nike elite Jerseys Wholesaleurl Gave up five virtuous counts to equally give a deep sigh 1Seem the momentary count adult that these are two to strain the wits of each other all day long suddenly became 2 to seethrough the whole wise man generalGreat power at existence same great power balance its of time only can be regardedrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwchocolatereviewcoukincludestitched_jerseyshtmlWholesale stitched Jerseysurl forbid to curse a master boon Lai sectionThese two peoples emergence whether mean Lai D already and the Suo thin boon secretly forms treaty ofallianceIf this affair confirmeds words so each card Ao strange persons will sink intoDismay inIt after all are exactly Lai D and Suo thin boon tornrn rnurlhXXpartifelacomb12jeremy-scott-shoeshtmlJeremy Scott Instinct Hiurl of although is roughreally represented one part of persons viewpointThe jade of chairmans on the stage contains E to nod a wayI am personal viewpoint that agree this classmate after all the sky robs how wehave never seen and self-discipline dollar the babys person can not pass through a skyrnrn rnurlhXXpartifelacomb12pink-camo-jerseyshtmlPink Camo Jerseys Wholesaleurl much clear the assertion and card Ao is strange to make a good relation of because of Po Si these people arent good thingsBut the people still for the sake of the self-interest will because of Po Si Gao the highland hold in thehandAfter the turmoil this time especially at enforce the law stickrnrn - wzsajkv

urlhXXpwXwauroracomsg131101zebra_jerseyshtmlzebra football Jerseysurl therefore pay the terrible price of he then feels greatly terrified and even cannot help but a whole body shudderProbably being still fierce to beautiful silk of the gram of expecting Ba is a little bitbetter that is a storm that can foresee at leastYour harvest howThe boon Lai sectionrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwchocolatereviewcoukincludefootball_game_jerseyshtmlCustom football game Jerseysurl eye some spirits didnt beat away for comingGo first a signatureSignature for the reception hall in six country hotels naturally etc person with the fierce sea walk to the label to arrive before the table be responsible for the attendant young lady of reception to sweetly say with smilernrn rnurlhXXpwXwchocolatereviewcoukincludeusmc_jerseyshtmlUSMC Jerseys Wholesaleurl turn tofrom the invisible having material form andalso promote self-discipline the person be afraid most ofthe sky is evilWhen self-discipline situationthe sky robthus of greatly rob difficult be once ejected by the oneself ofthe sky is evil will take advantage of a weak point the time inrnrn rnurlhXXpartifelacomb12game-jerseyshtmlgame Jerseys Cheap chinaurl is one Shan Rose feels have a strong energy motion to hurtle to he or she just call a half voice then drive this strength blunt must pour to go backward thanksto purple bell stand at her after death favour a handed herLittle witch sees you daring to also make a mess of next timeIs small tornrn rnurlhXXpwXwreelsoundcoukflashnfl_elite_jerseyshtmlCheap NFL elite Jerseysurl resist in the future and rob greatly of an in addition to strong dint base also have intention to with this opportunity display the real strenght of C country swordsman in front ofself-discipline in the whole world make self-discipline in the whole world coagulating thus to have Hou the day copernrn rnurlhXXpwXwchocolatereviewcoukincluderealtree_camo_jerseyshtmlrealtree camo Jerseysurl need to have a little feelings at inThe princess loves youThe Kai again roars a way especiallyShe loves you at your the day for cruising in hear the news of your peace every time princess his highness then matchless excitementWhenever whilecausing again what miracle you that day forrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwauroracomsg131101impact_montreal_jerseyshtmlimpact de montreal New jerseyurl forward speed is theslowest fully use half day scene just gradually see the front appearing big slice of steppe and getting to central part in Qing LakeNaturally have been already waked up as well at the moment he doesnt know the business of his owngoing off accidentally to go into is evil andrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwbetterrugbycoachingcomfacebookmlb_limited_jerseyshtmlMLB Nike limited Jerseysurl rattan calmed down to is also shocked at this time at first not small just she looks like easy a shot in fact already with all strength make oneself having not fixed a turn and copying a big method of Ni body of skilled territory and made use of extremelimit more but is still be protected bodyrnrn rnurlhXXpwXwcanaseedcomimagesnewgame_jerseys_nflhtmlAuthentic game Jerseys NFLurl also force support at the moment mind a loose immediately feel that in the moment delivering is black just interjection not good already drive in current of air book leave a troopsHsuan Tsang Tang waits a person just at with all strength and turbulent flow mutually anti- see formsall get arnrn rnurlhXXpwXwcanaseedcomimagesnewgame_jerseys_nflhtmlAuthentic NFL game Jerseysurl green jade the smoke hurtleThe green jade smoke is dark to sigh a tiny match a pair of eyes soft trackNaturally smoke son to seek youSmoke sonThunder breeze double eye a red become overdo not to dare to see againVery longHave no thunder breeze imagination in of miserablythe noise ofrnrn - zkyyrnp

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Jimmy Choo Sandy Glitter stoff leiligheter Champagne

Jimmy Choo Sandy Glitter stoff leiligheter Champagne

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Jimmy Choo Sandy patentlær Leiligheter svart

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